Crystal Chamberland

Crystal Chamberland
Saved – Age of 8
Secretarial Degree – Massillon Baptist College, 1998

Crystal was born in Rockland, ME into a home that did not attend church while she was growing up. An elderly couple had a burden for her when she was 8 and began picking her up and taking her to church on Tuesday nights. It was on one Tuesday night that, during their Conquerors ministry, that Crystal accepted Christ as her Savior.

Without the influence of family taking her to church, Crystal was not in church for the next few years until the age of 13. At this time she was babysitting for a lady who had 3 children and lived in the apartment upstairs from Crystal. This lady invited Crystal to a New Year’s Eve service at Peter’s church where her spiritual life would begin to grow and live for God. Crystal also graduated high school and attended Massillon Baptist College and graduated in 1998.

Life Together

Peter & Crystal have known each other since they were 14 & 13. God has allowed high school sweethearts to grow up and serve the Lord together. Upon graduation from college, they were married on August 1, 1998. Shortly after their marriage they surrendered and began working as missionaries with the Rock of Ages Ministries based in Cleveland, TN. Their son, Peter Jr., was born in October, 1999 and then Ruth would be born in March, 2003. As a family they continued to serve the Lord as missionaries traveling to several countries to establish prison and school ministries with local churches in foreign countries.   The family has been blessed to travel together to the Philippines as well as Peter being able to minister on 6 continents and several countries.

It was while serving as the Vice President of North America with Rock of Ages that God burdened their hearts to move from Cleveland, TN to Concord, NH in August, 2013 to begin the Granite State Baptist Church. There is no greater joy for the Chamberland family than to serve together as a family and invest in the lives of other families that they may grow in the knowledge of God.