Peter & Crystal were both born and raised in the state of Maine. They met each other as teenagers and were high school sweethearts. God allowed them to graduate high school and go off to Bible college together. They both graduated from Massillon Baptist College in May, 1998. After graduation, they were married on August 1, 1998. Peter continued with his education earning a Master’s degree and then later earned his Doctorate degree from Covington Theological Seminary. For the past 15 years the Chamberland family has traveled America as missionaries with Rock of Ages Ministries reaching into the prisons, schools, and military facilities. The Lord has also allowed Peter to travel and set foot on 6 continents preaching and seeing missionary works established and grow.

Peter & Crystal have 2 children. Peter Jr. was born in 1999 and Ruth was born in 2003. Peter and Ruth have also been able to travel into the Philippines with their parents. The Chamberland family believes in serving the Lord as a family unit and believes that strong families will lead to a strong church. They look forward to serving the Lord with you as the church is established and built.


About Dr. Peter & Crystal Chamberland

Dr. Peter Chamberland

Saved – Age of 5 Called to Preach – Age of 8 Bachelor of Divinity Degree – Massillon Baptist College, 1998 Master of Ministry Degree – Rock of Ages Theological Seminary, 2006 Doctor of Ministry Degree – Covington Theological Seminary, 2007 Peter was raised in a Pastor’s home in Maine....

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Crystal Chamberland

Crystal Chamberland Saved – Age of 8 Secretarial Degree – Massillon Baptist College, 1998 Crystal was born in Rockland, ME into a home that did not attend church while she was growing up. An elderly couple had a burden for her when she was 8 and began picking her up...

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