Granite State Baptist Church Biblical Series
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Abounding With The Beloved 

John the Beloved had one of the most intimate relationships with Jesus while He was on this earth.  Come and join us as we walk hand in hand with the Beloved and learn how to abound in our Christian life.  Our goal is to have fruit that remains as we grow in Christ through our study of this Gospel.  May Jesus be given His proper position in our lives as we learn of Him as John presented Him, the Son of God.

Afternoon Worship

Time: 12:00 AM

Fruit Grows Where the Stream Flows (title)

Fruit Grows Where The
Stream Flows

The greatest evidence of the spiritual life is to be abounding with the Fruit of the Spirit.  The adult Sunday School class is doing an extensive study and application of this Fruit. Join us Sundays at 9:00 AM as we yield together to the Spirit for the purpose of having His fruit abound in our lives.  This world is in desperate need of Christians who will live and share the Spirit’s fruit.  Let us be those Christians and Abound in Fruit!
Sunday School

Time: 9:00 AM

Salt and Light (title)

Salt and Light

Many times throughout Scripture Jesus used earthly metaphors to exhibit His heavenly meaning and purpose.  Salt and Light, along with many others, were used to be examples for what the Christians should be to the lost world.  The IMPACT Sunday School class will be studying and making practical application of these metaphors in order that they may be the “example of the believers” that God desires for them to be.  Young people come and learn how God desires you to be the light of the world to those around you.
IMPACT Sunday School

Time: 9:00 AM

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Morning Worship

Granite State Baptist Church preaches morning worship. Come and join us as we open Gods word together.

Morning Worship

Time: 10:00 AM